Plugin „Last Changes“

Requires at least: 4.6.0
Tested up to: 5.0.0
License: GPLv3 or later
Stable tag: 0.6.6


Shows a list of the last changes in the widget area. This can include changed pages and/or posts (configurable)

Additional features include:

  • Select the number of entries in the list
  • Define pages to be exluded

Exclude Page or Post

To exclude a page or post from being listed in the widget do the following steps:

  1. Open the page or post you want to exclude for editing.
  2. Open the „Screen Options“ (on the top right of the page)
  3. Ensure that „Custom Fields“ is checked
  4. In the „Custom Fields“ further down the screen add the following custom field:
    • name: list_last_changes_ignore
    • value: true

To include it again set the value to false or remove the custom field completely.



  • Bugfix for sorting pages two times but not sorting posts
  • License set to GPLv3 (was mixture of V2 and V3 before)


  • Code cleanup (removed usage of deprecated functions)


  • Added Support for translations
  • Icon for the plugin directory created


  • Added support for also showing recent changed posts (deactivated by default)
  • It’s also possible to exclude posts from being listed in the widget.


  • Bugfix for excluding hierarchical pages


  • Added possibility to exclude pages listed in the widget.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.2


  • Tested with WordPress 4.0


  • Changed Plugin Link directly to official Web Page


  • Changed to class
  • Added configuration dialog for number of entries and title


  • First usage on own website


  1. Upload the `list-last-changes` folder to your `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  2. Activate the plugin using the `Plugins` menu in WordPress
  3. Add Last Changes Widget to your page
  4. Adjust the Last Changes Options as you prefer them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your Frequently Asked Questions? Why aren’t they here?

Because no questions were asked.


list-last-changes in the WordPress Plugin Directory.
list-last-changes development on GitHub.

15 Gedanken zu „Plugin „Last Changes“

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  2. Willem

    Suggestion: I like to make a selection of pages in the widget. This makes it possible for me to show only the important changes and not the small ones.

    Question: It looks like if the font color is not black. It seems like if it has a hover color.

    Thanks for this plugin!

    1. Roland Bär Beitragsautor

      Hi Willem

      Thanks for your input!

      Answer to your question:
      The color of the change date is defined in the file „list-last-changes.css“ in the definition „span.list_last_changes_date“ (the only definition). You can change it there (but will be overwritten on the next update) or add the definintion in your templates css file. The page Title has an hover color as all links in your template have one.

      For your suggestion I will send you an E-Mail to discuss it further.

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  4. Tore Jacobsson

    Hi Roland,
    I’m newbie in css, I can’t figure out how to fix this problem:
    I want to have separate lines for file and date if it’s possible, or space between file and date.
    Now it’s like this:

    News23 januari, 2015
    Partners and contacts7 november, 2014
    Viabal.eu7 november, 2014

    and I whish it to be like:

    23 januari, 2015

    Partners and contacts
    7 november, 2014
    7 november, 2014

    Is it possible?

    I use the latest version of „List Last Changes“.

    Kindly Regards

    1. Roland Bär Beitragsautor

      Hi Tore

      Yes, it is possible. You can add the following style definition to your theme’s stylesheet:

      .list_last_changes_date {
          display: block;

      This will put the date in an own block directly below the title.

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  6. Laszlo

    Hi Roland,

    I love your widget. It looks like it only detects the changes on pages. Would it be possible to show the updates in posts? I keep my posts up-to-date, and it would be useful to my readers to see if I made changes in a post.

    Thank you,


  7. Roland Bär Beitragsautor

    Hi Laszlo

    Glad to hear that you like this widget.
    You’re right, currently it only detects changes on pages, as this was the need from me. I add your idea to the list of future improvements, but I can’t promise any date or an implementation at all.


      1. Roland Bär Beitragsautor

        Hi Laszlo, the widget in the version 0.5.0 supports now to show also the changed posts. You can activate it in the configuration of the widget.

  8. Hamburger

    (ich schreib mal in Deutsch, da ich es besser verstehe.)
    super Widget, fast genau was ich suche ! (Änderungen von Kommentaren, events und Galerien uä. wäre noch besser)
    Ich habe es für mich um zwei Funktionalitäten erweitert (statisch, also ohne Einstellmöglichkeit)
    1. Ausgabe des ändernden Nutzers
    2. Ausgabe der Änderungszeit
    Aufgefallen ist mir dabei ein Fehler in den Zeilen 75/77.
    Sie sortieren 2x $myPages, statt $myPages $myPosts
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    1. Roland Bär Beitragsautor

      Hallo Hamburger

      Vielen Dank für die Rückmeldung!
      Den Bug habe ich mit Release 0.6.6 behoben.
      Die Vorschläge und Erweiterungen habe ich notiert. Den Entwicklungsstand führe ich unter GitHub (siehe Link im Artikel), es sind natürlich auch Pull Requests willkommen. 🙂

      Viele Grüsse

  9. Andy Pierce

    Apologies for the post in English. I’ll add an auto-translate below. Love the ‚List Last Changes‘ plug-in. Version 0.8.6 works great for pages, but doesn’t do the links correctly for categorized blog posts. For example on the link to the EasyCarbo blog post is but it should be where ‚water-additives‘ is the category for the EasyCarbo blog post.

    Is this a bug and if so can it be fixed? Otherwise I love the plug-in.


    — Google translate

    Entschuldigung für den Beitrag in Englisch. Ich werde unten eine automatische Übersetzung hinzufügen. Ich liebe das Plug-In „Letzte Änderungen auflisten“. Version 0.8.6 funktioniert hervorragend für Seiten, führt jedoch die Links für kategorisierte Blog-Beiträge nicht korrekt aus. Auf lautet der Link zum EasyCarbo-Blogbeitrag beispielsweise, sollte jedoch / wobei ‚water-additives‘ die Kategorie für den EasyCarbo-Blogbeitrag ist.

    Ist das ein Fehler und wenn ja, kann er behoben werden? Ansonsten liebe ich das Plug-In.


    1. Roland Bär Beitragsautor

      Hi Andy

      No problem with the english post.
      Indeed you found a bug. I will soon fix it in the next update of the plugin.
      Thanks for informing me about the bug.



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